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Winter Aggregate Heating

Ruel Concrete is now providing a Aggregate heating service for customers that are in need of gravel warmed up for compaction and placing purposes. 

This is essential when having to build a proper compacted bases in swampy or in areas that only have access in winter conditions. 

We started this service in the winter of 2019 for Trans Canada at the Buffalo Creek Project. Paradox Solution Working with Strike Energy laid the warmed gravel down in 6"lifts as we supplied them material as they needed it.

Total of 8,600 Tonne went into this hole and we got this Job completed in 7 days when it normally takes a 30-45 days using the Horting and heating pile technique. 

We also went 1 step farther and are selling warm truck and trailer loads of gravel & delivering it right to site for smaller jobs. Were able to haul 3 hours away and still keep temperatures in material.

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