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Construction Mats

Why Every Construction Company Should Use Construction Mats

Construction sites are often surrounded by unstable dirt and soil, rocky surfaces or wet creeks. When construction equipment, such as excavators, cranes or trucks, work on these unstable surfaces, damage to the equipment and project delays are bound to happen. On wet, uneven soil, equipment can start sinking. Hard, rocky services can cause tires to wear faster. Unstable ground may cause equipment to tip over. To prevent these mishaps from happening, construction companies take advantage of construction mats. Basically, construction mats are used to create a solid surface and base on which construction equipment can be positioned to do the task it was designed to do. They can even be used during equipment transportation to create temporary roadways. No matter how large or small the construction project, construction companies can benefit from using construction mats for their next project. 


If you are planning your next construction project around Slave Lake, AB, and are in need of construction mats, contact us, here at Ruel Concrete Ltd. We have rental construction mats available that can help support skid steers, backhoes, Super B flat decks and more.  


We are also available for equipment transportation. We have a diverse trailer fleet to help with all types of hauling, including  Super B High Boys, Tri Step Decks, Low Beds, Jeeps, Boosters, Tilt Deck Recovery Trailer, Tri Highboy and 30' Tandem hot shot trailers. When it comes to our equipment transportation services, we treat your equipment as if they were our own. You can be sure that we will handle and transport your equipment safely and efficiently.


Here at Ruel Concrete Ltd, we started this business with one goal and one goal only: Make our services in the residential and commercial construction industry available to anyone tackling a major or minor construction project. Our first priority is delivering those services safely and on time.

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