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Sand And Gravel

Ruel Concrete Ltd: Offering Sand and Gravel Sales, Slinger Truck Services, Core Drilling and More to The Residential and Commercial Industry Around Slave Lake, AB

Here at Ruel Concrete Ltd, we offer a variety of services for the residential and commercial industry. Some of our services include:


Slinger Truck Services

Are you having difficulty delivering sand or aggregates to a specific spot? Got a containment or pipeline trench you need to fill with sand? If so, our slinger truck services can help to deliver products to those hard-to-reach areas. Our slinger truck service has the capability to shoot material up to 100 feet away with precision. Whether you have a residential or commercial project that requires you to move large volumes of sand and gravel from one location to another quickly and efficiently, you can be sure our slinger truck services will keep your project on the right track. 


Core Drilling

Do you need to drill a hole through your concrete walls to install phone lines? Perhaps you need to drill holes in your floor to install new plumbing pipes? If so, we would love to help. Here at Ruel Concrete Ltd, we also offer core drilling services. Whether you need us to drill perfectly rounded holes through your concrete ceiling, so that you can install a sprinkler system or would like us to drill holes through your wall so you accommodate your structure with HVAC ducting, you can be sure that our core drilling experts can handle the job. No matter the scale of the job, we have the right staff and equipment to meet the demands of any complex drilling project on time and within your budget.


Sand and Gravel Sales

If you are in need of sand and gravel for your project, we can accommodate you. We have a mobile Crusher Spread With a 1036, 2236 Jaw and a Electrically controlled H3800 Sandvic Cone. This allows us to make very tight spec'd material at an efficient Tonnes/Hour. 


​We currently have a gravel pit located 20 KMs North of Peace River and just completed our 6 km road in 2019 to our new gravel reserve located on Km 11 on the Martin Hills Road in Slave Lake, AB. We also run and operate a wash plant at our Peace River location, where we stock all our washed products.


Here at Ruel Concrete Ltd, we started our business with one goal and one goal only: Make our services in the residential and commercial construction industry available to anyone tackling a major or minor construction project. Our first priority is delivering those services safely and on time.

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