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Paving Contractors

Tips to Finding the Right Paving Contractor For Your Next Project?

Are you in need of paving services? Choosing the right paving contractor can be a huge headache, but here are some tips on how to choose the right one for the job.


Do Your Research

One of the first and easiest things to do when looking for the right paving contractors for your project is to do some research. If you know anyone who has hired paving services, ask that person about the paving contractor that they used. Check online reviews and leverage online platforms by asking around for recommendations. People are quick to post online reviews and offer an honest opinion whether they have received good or bad service.


Check for certification, licensing and insurance

Because paving contractors are responsible for supervising the work, promoting job site safety, and ensuring the quality of the construction and materials, they need to have all the right training and certifications to ensure a job well done. They should also be licensed to prove the contractor's business is financially solvent. In addition, since paving services involve certain risks, you want to make sure that the paving contractor is insured to protect your livelihood. So make sure to check on all these things before settling on a paving contractor. 


Are you in need of paving contractors or paving services around Slave Lake, AB? If so, you have come to the right place. Here at Ruel Concrete Ltd, we are your one stop shop for paving services around Slave Lake. No job is too small for us, and we are here to help with all sizes of projects from start to finish. We can help with subgrade prep, base prep and paving. It all goes hand and hand with our gravel reserves and asphalt supply. We also do patch work, milling, saw cutting, asphalt driveway sealer, line painting and parking curb installation.


Since paving services can take some time, you want to make sure that you work with a paving contractor who will not waste your time. When you call us to do a job, you can be sure to rely on our talented crew to perform the job efficiently and thoroughly. Not only can you rely on us to do the job on time, but you can be sure that we will provide paving services to the highest standards. More importantly, we are certified, licensed and insured. 


When you want to avoid the hassles of hiring a good paving contractor, you can count on the experts at Ruel Concrete Ltd. With Ruel Concrete Ltd by your side, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your property will be beautifully transformed. When you are in need of paving services, do not hesitate to contact us. We’re more than happy to provide you with our expert opinions and help you to obtain the right finishing results. 


If you are in need of an asphalt and concrete supplier, we can also help you with that. As a leading concrete supplier in Peace River, you can always expect high-quality mix and unbeatable prices. 


Whether you are in need of concrete or paving services, we are here to provide you with high-quality service that you can depend on.

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