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Oilfield Maintenance


Contaminated Dirt Hauling

We Currently have 13 Truck and Trailer Combinations, Anything From Super B Side dump-End Dump, Super B Side Dump-Side Dump, Truck And Tri Pups, Truck & Wagons, Truck & End dumps And Truck & Tri Side Dump.


Rig Mat Rental & Installation

Ruel Concrete Has Rental Mats Available, With 4 Track Skid Steers/Mat Forks, Backhoe/Mat Forks, 138 Hoe/Mat Forks to help lay. With super B flat decks, and Step Decks Available for Transportation.

Tridem Water Truck

Ice Road

Floater Truck, Tridem Water Truck, 2-D39 Komatsu Dozers



Able to help out with reclamation with our soil conditioning attachment and Skid Steer mulcher.

We also have 2-D39, 2-D65 Dozers and 2-138's, 1-240, 2-290's Excavators with a 30 tonne rock truck for the bigger jobs. 

Slinger Truck

Water Pumping

Have Water opening up your berms? 

Our Tractor Lagoon Pump Allows us to shoot water over your berm or we hook up to 4" hose and pump it off in a farther location.


Road Maintenance

We Currently have 4- Truck And Clam Dumps, 4-Truck & Wagons & 3-Truck & Tri Pups to get the job done! 

Slinger Truck Services

Got a containment or pipeline trench you need to fill with sand?

We have capability to shoot material 100'.

This truck will save equipment and labor costs and place material exactly where you want. 

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