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Ideas For Aggregate and Washed Rocks For Your Home

There are many homeowners who want to enjoy the unique qualities that custom crushed material, such as aggregate, can bring to a yard. But oftentimes they don’t know the best ways to utilize aggregate or washed rocks. The use of aggregate and washed rocks have many uses. If you plan on utilizing washed rock or aggregate, here are a few ideas that can help. 


For drainage and erosion control 

If you live in an area where it rains a lot, washed rocks and aggregate can be used for drainage and erosion control. When it rains, exposed topsoil in flower beds, or even your turf, can be washed away. This is especially true in places where your yard has a steep incline or directly beneath downspouts. To avoid this, you can use aggregate and large washed rocks to create a path for the water to flow. For example, you can create a stone creek bed or put some washed rocks over weed barrier fabric to direct the flow of water down your lawn and into the street. Not only will this help with drainage and erosion control, but it will also add some curb appeal to your home. 


You can use aggregate and washed rocks as a substitute for mulch

Mulch is great for controlling weeds and offers quality drainage and compost for your topsoil. But around trees and large shrubs, aggregate and washed rocks can be a great substitute for wood mulch. It also adds aesthetic appeal, and just like wood mulch, the stones can act as an insulator to help prevent drastic temperature changes. And unlike wood mulch, which needs to be changed every so often, washed rocks and aggregate won’t decompose. Washed rocks can maintain its original natural beauty and rarely needs replenishing. In the long run, this can save you money. 


There are many uses for washed rocks and aggregate for your home, as it provides an array of aesthetic and functional benefits. They are great to minimize weed growth, prevent erosion, and insulate your plants from both hot and cold weather, etc. You can make decorative walkways or replace your mulch with them. Plus, aggregate and washed rocks are affordable and easy to maintain.  


If you are looking for washed rocks, aggregate, custom crushed material, and even topsoil, for your home, come to Ruel Concrete Ltd in Slave Lake, AB, Canada. We have a mobile Crusher Spread With a 1036, 2236 Jaw and an electrically controlled H3800 Sandvic Cone. This allows us to make very tight spec'd material at an efficient Tonnes/Hour. 


We currently have a gravel pit located 20 KMs North of Peace River and just completed our 6 km road in 2019 to our new gravel reserve located on Km 11 on the Martin Hills Road in Slave Lake, AB. We also run and operate a wash plant at our Peace River location, where we stock all our washed products.


We also have a Track S130 Screener. This allows us to screen sand and topsoil in remote locations.


As the leading supplier of custom crushed material in the area, we are fully equipped to fulfill any request for high-quality aggregate and washed rock products. Contact us to learn more.

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